I have written a few software programs specifically for RISC OS computers. I'm not particuarly quick at writting software, but when things are finished, this is where they will appear.
Screen Shot of !Proverbs

Prov.Zip (23KB, Version 1.05) !Proverbs is a simple program which when loaded randomly displays a proverb from a selection in the Book of Proverbs. Ideal for use on boot up.

DOSDisc.Zip (6.3KB, Version 2.04) !DOSDisc is a simple program created for use with a PC partition which allows a directory to be loaded from an icon on the icon bar. With simple drag and drop features it can be configured for any directory. Can even be used to load files and to launch applications.

EAsmB.Zip (328KB, Version 1.00) !EAsm-Bin is a simple wimp interface for two GNU programs, EAsm (by Christian Ludlam) and objcopy. This allows you to supply an appropiate code file, and in return be given an appropiate file for outputing directly to a Microchip PIC family or an Atmel AVR processor.
A copy is also available here without EAsm or objcopy (15.9KB). Only useful of course if you already have these programs.
Jaguar Skin

Jaguar.zip (12KB) Jaguar is a Jaguar Racing inspired skin for use with the music player DigitalCD by Timmermans André.

I have also produced several resources for the Holybible Software Package. All of which are available from my website.

NoteIt.Zip (25KB, Version 0.21) While not a product I wote, I did spark of the initial idea, and find NoteIt useful, so with kind permission of he author have decided to make it available here. NoteIt is a small utility for jotting down the odd idea as it comes to you (hence the name!). It is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. To make a note of something, move the pointer to the top right hand corner of the screen and a small window will appear, where you can type anything you like. This Program is still under development by Fred Dulwich. Curently undergoing a full rewrite.